Feria De Malaga

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Feria De Malaga


Feria De Malaga Celebration

Malaga city is a very lively and culturally rich city, overlooked by an old Moorish castle, which is as worth a visit as well it´s many Museums, of which is outstanding the Picasso Museum. Close by the Marina the city park invites for a stroll in the cool shade of its tropic trees. Malaga has two theaters and offers a wide range of Expositions, Music and Concerts, Cafés, Tapas Bars and Restaurants. The nightlife in Malaga city is quite famous and shows the inherent joy for life of the locals. Malaga is a lively city throughout the year and always worth a visit. Malaga is one of the major destinations for cruise ships and counts with excellent port facilities, being the second most important port for cruise ships in Spain.The main resorts along the Costa del Sol, such as Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Marbella and Estepona are mainly focused on summer tourism.

The following day the people take to the streets, the women in flouncy flamenco dresses, to dance, drink and, generally, make merry. The traditional dance of Andalucia is called 'Sevillanas' comprising four distinct dances with plenty of finger-clicking, foot-stomping and, above all, feeling. This is where 'dancing in the street' can be appreciated spontaneously 'en vida' which is really the only way Spanish dancing should be performed.

Malaga is among the eight provinces in Andalusia, Spain, and it is the place to get some of the famous holiday resorts of the Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun of the Mediterranean Sea). Malaga is also one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and during this time of the year its beauty becomes more charming with the festival of Feria de Malaga. The festival lasts for 10 nights and 9 days with ending on a Sunday. This year the festival will start on13th August and continue till 22nd August.


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