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Ferdinand Magellan


Early LifeDate of birth 1480 *The exact date is unknown*Born in Portugal (Southern). His parents were members of the Portuguese nobility. Mom- Rui de Magellan Father- Alda de Mesquita Magellan. After they both died, when he was 12, he became a page for the Queen. As a young child he was interested in mapmaking and navigation. In fact, he studied at Queen Leonaras School where he learned about cartography, astronomy, and celestial navigation. Ferdinand joined a Portuguese fleet to East Africa in 1505. He fought to secure the Indian trade. While in Morocco, in 1513, he was wounded and walked with one limb. After his injury, he was accused of trading illegally with the Moors. Any more offers of employment were withheldIn 1517, Magellan moved to Seville, Spain, to offer skills to the Spanish Court. There he studied navigation charts, which influenced him to find short passages to the Spice Islands. Magellan was then supported by King Charles the First of Spain.

VoyagesOn September 20th, 1519 Magellan set out with five, fully supplied ships to find the Spice Islands. He sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and down the eastern coast of South America looking for a strait to the Pacific Ocean. In October to November, he found a strait to sail through to the Pacific Ocean. At the end of the strait, they found a cape that opened into the Pacific Ocean. It took 98 days to cross the Pacific Ocean. The ships didn't have enough food and water, so most of the crew got sick and died of dehydration and starvation. The expedition traveled about 12,600 miles before reaching land. His crew thought he was a Portugese spy leading them into a trap, so they didn't trust him. The crew tried many times to kill him by planning a mutiny; however they failed. In March 1521, Magellan and his crew made it to Homonhom Island at the edge of the Philippines. He traded with island king Rajoh Humabon and formed an alliance. He also tried to convert people into christianity. Magellan was involved in a war with a rival leader, dying in the progress. Magellan died before successfully getting to the Spice Islands. However, his remaining crew escaped the Philippines and continued to the Spice Islands arriving in November 1521, six months after Magellan's death. Only one of the five Magellan took on his expedition made it back to Spain. Out of the 265 crew members set to sail, only 18 survived, successfully circumnavigating the world in a single voyage.

Discoveries (what he found) Magellan acquired a Native American servent named Malacca. He also found the Strait of Magellan through South America that leads to the Pacific Ocean. He named the Pacific Ocean after the Spanish word Pacifico which means calm.

Motives Ferdinand Magellan wanted to sail to the the Spice Islands. His mission was to find a western sea route from Spain to Spice Islands. In 1519 Ferdinand Magellan was supported by King Charles V of Spain to go on the exploration. He wanted to find valuable spices such as, nutmeg and cloves that grew on the islands. He also wanted to have a collection of tiny isalnds between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

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