Ferdinand Magellan

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Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan was born in Portugal. He lived from 1480-1521. The King of Spain sponsored Magellan’s expedition. The reason for his expedition was to find a better sea route to Asia instead of the Portuguese one around the tip of Africa. One of his major places of exploration was the Spice Island. Magellan died on the Spice Islands. The Strait of Magellan was named after him. The Strait of Magellan is a 350-mile navigable passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans located at the southern end of South America. A animal named after Magellan is a penguin called Magellanic. A penguin is named after Magellan because he first saw this bird on his first voyage around the tip of South America in 1519. Magellinic Woodpecker is also named after him.


At a young age Magellan sailed around the Cape of good Hope and he sailed for king of Spain. He got 5 ships and left in 1519. He sailed around the tip South America. He found the westward passage and named it The Strait of Magellan. He also found Pacific Ocean and named it Pacific because of of it’s peaceful and calm waters. He crossed the Pacific East to West.

Lasting Impact

Magellan's impact was providing the first positive proof that the world was round, and that opened up trade routes to explorers all over the world.


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Ferdinand Magellan


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