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Ferdinand Magellam

Ferdinand Magellan was born in Portugal, either in the city of Sabrosa or in Porto, at about 1480. His parents were members of the Portuguese nobility which is the class of legally titled and privileged people acknowledged by the Kingdom of Portugal. But after his parents deaths, at the age of 10, he became on the page for the queen. Queen Leonora’s School of Pages is where Magellan studied in Lisbon and he spent his days looking over texts cartography, astronomy, and celestial navigation. Magellan joined a Portuguese boat which sailed to East Africa, in 1505. He found himself at the Battle of Diu. In the Arabian Sea, the Portuguese destroyed the Egyptian boats. He explored present-day Malaysia, which before was Malacca, and participated in the conquest of Malacca’s port. There he obtained a native servant which he named Enrique. It’s possible that Ferdinand Magellan sailed as far as the Moluccas, islands in Indonesia, back then was called the spice islands. The Moluccas were the original source of valuable spices, including nutmeg and clove. In 1513, Magellan was wounded and walked the rest of his life limping, while he was serving in Morocco. Magellan was accused of illegal trading with the Moors, and any further employments were refused. Magellan offered his skills to the Spanish court even though he spoke little Spanish, when he moved to Seville, Spain, in 1517. The Treaty of Tordesillas declared that the yet to be and newly discovered territories to the east of the demarcation line were given to Portugal and to the west of the line were given to Spain. Magellan religiously studied all of the recent navigational charts, three years following his departure in Portugal. From Greek texts Magellan understood that the world was round, just like all the other navigators of that time. He believed he could find a shorter route to the Spice islands by sailing west, across the Atlantic, around South America and across the Pacific. Vasco Núñez de Balboa and Christopher Columbus paved the way so it was not a new idea. But such the voyage would leave the Spanish open access to the Spice islands without crossing areas controlled by the Portuguese. On August 10, 1519 the Armada De Moluccas had set sail. The Trinidad was the lead ship which Magellan was commanding and was followed by four other ships, the Santiago, the San Antonio, the Victoria, and the Conception. The expedition was difficult and the Victoria would be the only ship to come back home three years later. In September 1519, Magellan’s fleet sailed from Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain to Port San Julián. They finally reached the Pacific island of Guam, where they replenished their food stores in March 1521. Then Magellan’s fleet sailed on to the Philippine archipelago landing on the island of Cebu. Cebu had asked if Magellan could help fight the Mactan, Magellan agreed. Magellan himself led the attack but the Mactanese fought fiercely. He fell when he got shot by a poison arrow. Ferdinand Magellan had died on April 27, 1521. Magellan would never make it to the Spice islands but in September 1522 the Victoria would complete the voyage around the world. Although Magellan has credit with the first circumnavigate, a voyage around the world, in one direction he technically didn’t. His slave, Enrique, was the first person in the world to circumnavigate in one direction.

Ferdinand Magellan

Magellan in war against the Mactan, 1521.

Ferdinand Magellan born in 1480 and died in 1521.

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Magellan's route for the first circumnavigate.

Magellan's were the Trinidad, San Antonio, Santiago, Conception, and the Victoria.

This is the Portuguese flag and Magellan was born in Portugal.

In 1517, Magellan moved to Seville, Spain and offered his skil to them.


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