Fetal walfarin syndrome

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Fetal walfarin syndrome

Fetal Warfarin Syndrome is very rare, in Mollie’s case it was caused because her Mum was kept on warfarin (a blood thinner) for the first trimester. It has caused her to have heart, lung, spinal and hearing proplems as well as other problems.

Mollie's SymptomsWas born with Dextrocardia (heart on the right side), one of her lungs wasn’t formed properly, she was also profoundly deaf in her left ear.

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Mollei's from England

Fetal Warfarin Syndrome

Warfarin An anticoagulant drug normally used in the prevention of blood clots in the blood vessels and elsewhere in the body.

SymptomsCrosses the placenta1. Causes hemorrhagic disorder in fetus (aborts fetus)2. Birth defects

Birth Defects-Nasal hypoplasia-Depressed nasal bridge-Deep groove on nostril -Uncalcified epiphyses-Mild hypoplasia of nails-Shortened fingers-Low birth weight-Mental retardation-Seizures-Reduced muscle tone-Widely spaced nipples-Deafness-Feeding difficulty-Failure to thrive

Fetal Warefarin Syndrome A condition associated with women taking warfarin during pregnancy.

Is FWS Curable?There may be cures for some of the simploms listed below. But, the ultimate cure is preventing the use of the drug Warfarin.

In the end, it is the responsability of women who have blood clots to find an alternative that will not harm or kill their child.


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