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feral goats

Description:feral goats are hoofed mammals and have an even number of toes on each hoof.There are a large veriaty of different species of goats. All goats look similar.A large variaty of goat species are stocky.The reason that different goat species look different is because they have had to addapt to the enviroment that they live in. Goats have a lower row of teeth wich touch the hard base on the top of there mouth. They also have 24 mollers at the back of their mouth on the top and the bottom.Baby goats also have eight sharp teeth at the front of there lower jaw but as they grow up thows teeth fall out and grow into adult teeth.Female goats weight can range between 22 and 220 pounds and male goats weight can range between 27 and 227 pounds.Goats have beards and their colours can range from silvery white, grey,brown to blacky brown How many ferel goats are there in australia?Feral goats are found 28% of australia .There are about 2.6 million feral goats Astrlalia wide .Though in drought the numbers decrease extreemly because of the lack of food and water.How long have feral goats been in excistince for?Goats have been in excistince for at least 35 million years and have changed over the years to be able to line in different enviroments.

future impacts If we don't control there numbers they will over populateand then there will not be enough food ,water and shelter for other native animals and then some animals might become under threat from preditors because of lack of safety and shelter.BehaviourFeral Goats are indent, nosey, lively, sociable, intelegent and tuf and are a group animal which means they live in herds.

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Introduction of speciesGoats came to Australia in the first fleet in 1788. They provided milk and meat for the people on the fleet.More goats came to australia in 1861for the trade of there hair.this industry failed because of the competion and consequently many farmers left there goats and they became wild. The goats that survived being released into the wild from domestic herds are now classified as feral goats. Control and problems they cause A herd of goats in 1.6 years can double in size because of this 35% of the population of goats must be removed per year. To keep the numbers down farmers and the government have to make sure that the goat numbers arent getting to high.Goats are herbiverousa herd can eat a large amount of at a time which can result to thinning out of plants in certain areas. Another problem is when a herd is in an area for a large amount of time some of the plants tend to die from being trampled on constantly. Feral goats are classified as a pest and make it very hard for farmers of sheep and domestic goats because they try to compare for food, shelter and water. Feral goats are responsible for bringing many diseases into australia such as scrapie, foot and mouth, Rift valley feaver, rinder pest, rablies and blue tongue . Unchecked wild feral goat herds could play a large part in the spred of infections and diseases that are introduced into Australia. They even some times can carry weeds and seeds in there hoofs and dung.

HabitatFeral goats mostly live in ruggid ,hilly or rocky terrain that gives them safety from preditors such as hunters and wild dogs.They like the safety of high mountain ranges and semi dry areas. Feral goats are able to survive in most types of habitats except wetlands and rainforests. In australia they are also found in all territories,states and some are evern found in off shore islands.Food and HuntingFeral goats eat Any Kind and type of vegetation they find such as flowers, fruit, roots, herbs , see weed if they live on the coast,sedges, grasses, bilbery, heather and young tree shrubs. A goat has four stomach parts to make it easier to digest plant materials. Since Feral goats are a grazing animal they dont have to hunt for there food they mainly just browse for there food but if they are starving will eat garbage ,clothes adnd will even go into fields and eat farmers crops.

Feral Goats scientificname :Capra Hircus

Feral goat

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feral goats in the wild


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