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A Foil

A Saber

An Epee

Fencing Lingo Advance: Taking a step towards your opponentEngagement: Contact between fencing swords, usually before an attackPerry/ Counter Perry: Defensive moves that block the opponents attackLunge: Most common fencing move in which you lean in and stab your opponent opposed to Swinging your sword at himStrip: The Fencing area which is a long strip usually 14 meters X 2 meters

In Fencing There are three different types of swords used.

Fencing: A brief overview of an time honored artFencing was Born out of swordsman ship In war and in matters of honor and so people started to learn how to use light swords properly so they could do both war and duels effectively. As time passed on and with guns needed more and more in war swords became largely obsolete, they were still used in duels up until the mid 1800’s when duels became an old fashioned an outlawed way to settle disputes. Even after both the uses for light swords like the rapier and saber were gone people still continued to learn fencing but not as a means of killing, but as a sport and for games. Today Fencing is an Olympic sport and cam be seen in the summer games. Usually this sport will have a good turnout of people but will not get aired that often because the duller but apparently more important sports happen at the same time as the fencing competition.

For each type of sword there are different styles used do to the nature of the sword and the elasticity of the blades, for example the Epee which is a fencing version of a rapier was commonly used in duels so to gain a point with an Epee you would am anywhere on the body like you would in a dual, With the foil which is commonly used to teach the basics of swordsmanship one would only aim on the torso. The Saber which is classically a military sword would be the most complex sword to fight with due to the stiffness of the blade and the angle of the handle




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