Feminism In The 1950's

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Feminism In The 1950's

Women were forced to be mothers when they had other dreams in life

The American government was openly oppressive to women

Women's Rights in the 1950's

<>1. What is feminism?2. What were some of the problems that feminists fought against?3. Who created the National Organization for Women?4. What percentage of women worked for wages in the 1950's?5. Who (or what) was another well known feminist symbol?

Rosie the Reviter was another big symbol for the feminist movement

- The idea of feminism became popular in this era- One out of three (or about 33%) women worked for a wage- Women were payed poorly and it went on for many years- Women still felt discrimination in civil rights movements- Things called "consciousness-raising" sessions gave women a chance to make a voice for themselves

Women came together to gain liberation

The job of a wife was thought to be the only job for women


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