Feminism... Good for everyone!

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Feminism... Good for everyone!

See how they all build on eachother? Just like Kristen Schilt said...

What is feminsim today?Feminism is a movement for the equality of all sexes, not just women. By working together groups that have been and are being opressed in some way can be equal.

Feminsim... Good for everyone!

Why ?

Ahh... I see you're selling... her vagina?

Laura Boushnak in the video to the left explores the idea about how not allowing women to recieve education is a form of opression. This can be easily related to the increase in women joining ISIS from earlier in the semester.

de Beauvior asked "What is a woman?" well it is certainly not what is below... a woman is an individual and no two women are alike. We need to stop pressuring eachother no matter what an individual idetifies as to be anything other than what they are.

Ted Talk: For these women, reading is a daring act

In Jean Kilbourne's TedTalk the issue of hypersexualization in the media was adressed. Not only are these ads degrading to women, but seriously what is this add even selling?

We must educate young people!I don't just mean teaching girls to protect themselves when they're alone, I mean teaching youth that intolerance is not okay! We are not born biased... The book to the left was how I came to embrace feminism.



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