Female Condoms

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Female Condoms

♦Throw condom into trash, not the toilet♦One use only!

Female and male condoms are the only contraceptives that can give some protection against STI's like HIV and pregnancy. The success rate is around 79% with normal use and 95% if used correctly. The female condom can be inserted up to 8 hours before sex. Women can use them if their partner does not want to use a male condom. This also allows women to share the repsonsibilty of using condoms. Condoms are easy to access as they can be obtained from drugstores and clinics.

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of pregnancies are unplanned.


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T y p e s o f C o n d o m s

W h a t a r e t h e y ?

u s e F e m a l e C o n d o m s

There are different types of condoms, each made out of different materials.Female Condom (FC): ♦Material - Polyurethane♦Expensive (~$3)♦Approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)♦No longer producedFemale Condom 2 (FC2):♦Material - Nitrile♦Cheaper than FC♦Apx. 17 cm♦Lubricated with silicone♦Can use oil/water-based lubricantsVA w.o.w Condom Feminine (VA):♦Material - Latex♦Apx. 9 cm♦Round triangular frame at open end and sponge inside closed end♦Lubricated♦Can't use oil-based lubricantsPATH's woman's condom (PATH):♦Has similar design to VA♦Held together by rounded cap that dissolves after being placedCupid: ♦Cheaper than FC2

Female condoms are thin 'sheaths' inserted into the vagina before sex. They have two rings inside the condom. One smaller, flexible ring at the closed end that holds the condom in place while the larger ring holds the open end, located outside of the vagina. There is a pouch for the semen to go to. The inner ring should be pushed deep inside the vagina while the outer ring remains outside.H o w t o U s e ?1. Begin by checking the expiry date. If it is safe, carefully tear the package.2. Squeeze the sides of the inner ring together and insert it as far as possible into the vagina. 3. Make sure to leave the outer ring outside.4. Be sure to hold the outer ring in place until the penis is inserted into the condom.5. Twist and pull the condom out before standing up after intercourse.


B e n e f i t s

D i s a d v a n t a g e s

Although the female condom has many benefits, it also has some downfalls. It is difficult to place/remove from the vigina and the outer ring may get pushed into the vagina. Rustling noises may be heard if incorrectly placed. They are also more expensive to purchase than males. Compared to non-barrier methods and the male condom, it has a higher failure rate. There are no risks other than possible discomfort or irritation if you are allergic to the material used.

M y t h s a n d F a c t s

Videos on how to put on the female condom

Myth: If you use 2 condoms, it's safer.Fact: Using 2 condoms at the same time can cuase the condom to tear/bunch from friction.Myth: Vaseline is a good lubricantFact: Vaseline is oul based so it can dissolve latex-based condomsMyth: I'm on the pill so I don't need a condom.Fact: Being on the birth control pill doesn't protect you against pregnancy 100% nor does it portect against STI's

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