Female Condom

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Female Condom

Female Condom

Female condoms can be found at your everyday drugstore. It is an over the counter (OTC) product, meaning you do not need a prescription to purchase one. The average price of a female condom is from $2-$4. However it varies based on the brand you purchase.

How Does It Work?

It is a type of contraception that stops sperm from meeting an egg. It loosely lines the vagina to form a barrier that stops the sperm getting through. They can also prevent STDs. They are 79% to 82% effective at preventing pregnancy, compared with 85% for male condoms.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Protection against STIs, and pregnancy, can be inserted well before intercourse, male does not have to withdrawl immediately.Cons:May move, be noisy or be uncomfortable, only works for one act of intercourse, cost about $2.50 each.

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Where Can I Buy One?

More Info?

What is It?An OTC Birth control and a Contraceptive device.

What is Your Best Choice to Avoid Preganancy?Abstinence

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