[2015] Tori Ramsey: Fellowship of the Ring and the Wizards of Middle Earth

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[2015] Tori Ramsey: Fellowship of the Ring and the Wizards of Middle Earth


The Fellowship of the Ringand the Wizards of Middle Earth

Saruman the White, a.k.a. Sharkey or Curunír, cast as Sir Christopher Lee.

Christopher Lee initially read for the part of Gandalf, but was denied.

Gandalf in the 1978 animated version with the voice of WIliam Squire; he is less feeble and more intense in character.

Within the lore of J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle Earth, wizards are important to keeping the peace of the world. During the course of the first novel, as well as its film adaptation, wizards are introduced as powerful forces.Also known as Istari, wizards are charged by the Valar (powers that be) with protecting different portions of Middle Earth. Gandalf was charged with combating the threat of Sauron.Wizards live incredibly long lives and are very wize as a result; it is said that Gandalf has lived 300 lives of men.Saruman is the head of the order of wizards, and is thus the most powerful at the time of the Fellowship. Though there are more wizards in existence, only two are introduced within the first novel. While Gandalf is frequent in lore and history, Saruman was first conceived of within the writing of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Later he was connected to previously-written characters within Tolkien's work.


The epic fight scene between Gandalf and Saruman at Isengard in the Peter Jackson version.

Gandalf the Grey, also called Olórin and Mithrandir within the lore, was played by Sir Ian McKellen.

Gandalf was the one entrusted with Narya, the RIng of Fire, though it is not mentioned explicitly within Peter Jackosn's film adaptations.

Here Gandalf wards off the Balrog.Left by Ralph BakshiRight by Peter Jackson

Each wizard's staff is the source of their power and if it is broken they are essentially magic-less.

Gandalf breaks his staff in the fight against the Balrog when he falls.


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