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The Ugly Truth of Feedlots


Chickens are being forced to live in close confinements with lack of daylight or fresh air, and cattle, pig and goats are crammed up in large feedlots. This restricts the animal from doing much and drastically decreases their lifetime of breeding animals.

Feeding dead cows to chickens, and dead chickens to cows is permited by the FDA

Some cows and chickens are fed to much and injected with so much hormonal growth tablets that they stop walking and collapse, because their legs cant carry their weight anymore and there heart is too weak to continue.

Welfare of Animals

"We stand anke deep in our own poo and don't even have the room or space to exercise because of how packed we are!"

Savannah Issa MYP Science

Although Feedlots pose threats to the environment around them, they do keep economics friendly for farm owner.

The aimals are cramed in grass fields and are obligated to eat corn, a processed nutrition.

Gustavus Swift in the South of Chicago first established feedlots in 1876.

Feedlots have an inhumane impact on the welfare of animals.

Infections and diseases are easily spread.

99% of cattle are recorded to be crammed with corn, nourishment that isn’t even meant for them.


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