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Social Studies
American History

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The leaders of the federealsit side was Alexander Hamilton and John Adams.They favored acentralized goverment.They created a natinal bank and promoted industry and manifacturing.


They supported tax and National Bank. Favored larger, always ready army. They need to repare their friendship so they can trade goods with them.

The people who support the Fedralists are merchants, anyone who would benefit from a strong government and Hamilton's program. Basically, Fedralists are the people who support the Constitution.

The Fedralists and the Republicans were the 2 political parties of the United States of America. The Fedralists looked at the Constitution loosely


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At that time Goerge Washingtom was the general of the army and the president in the United States. He had a good role and he was very powerful that is why the Americans won the war.

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Jasmin and NardosMr. EsparzaSocial Studies 810/8/15SLE: Who can love themselves and others

Fedralists party started in 1790s to 1816. It was the first ever party in the Untied States of America. it did not want the constitution to be ratified and it said no beacause all their freedom were not stated.

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