[2014] A Smith: Federalists and Democratic-Republicans

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[2014] A Smith: Federalists and Democratic-Republicans

Federalists and Democratic-RepublicansBy: Ashlynn Smith

Shaping the NationThe Federalists and the Democratic- Republicans shared polar opposite views. The Federalists led by Alexander Hamilton believed in a strong central government while, the Republicans led by Thomas Jefferson, believed in a stronger rule of the people. Within a balance both parties shaped the productive nation that we have today. In the election of 1796 a Federalist and former Vice- President named John Adams ran for President. Thomas Jefferson, the leader of the Republicans and current Secretary of State compeated along side him. In a close draw, Adams became president making the Federalists widely popular, but this was not the last of the Republicans. Jefferson became his Vice-President and fought hard to end the idea of a government with an overwhelmming amount of power. With influential people like these as leaders, the country was split into two groups with different beliefs. Each party believed the other was out to destroy America and contradict the Constitution.

Federalists1.) Alexander Hamilton saw the countries financial problems and devised a plan to create a central bank to manage the nation's currency and credit. the Republicans strongly opposed this plan but it passed anyway and still withstands in a form today. 2.) In 1791, Hamilton devised a plan to make a tax to replace a national debt on goods. Among these goods was Whiskey. People strondly opposed this and started to rebel. George Washington formed an army to control the rowdy citizens which scared them off and left America without a fight. This showed America's government's power to suppress violence which symbolized America's strength.

The Debate ContinuesAs time went on, leaders of both parties were at each-other's throats for the country to be productive in their own ways.

Democratic-Republicans1.)When Thomas Jefferson became president, one of the things he took part in was, The Louisiana Purchase. He controlled the negotiation between France and America in buying the Losiana Territory. For a minimal amount of money, America doubled it's size. This showed the Republican's leaders power2.)The Democratic-Republican Party grew in popularity which made the Federalist party less-popular this is because of many Republican presidents being elected repeatedly as time progressed. Federalist ideas eventually grew out putting the Republicans on top. From the popular Democratic-Republicans we are given a descendent, our democracy today.

John AdamsFederalist

Alexander HamiltonFederalist

Thomas JeffersonDemoctatic-Republican


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