Federalist- Alexander Hamilton

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Federalist- Alexander Hamilton

The Consititution does not express every forbidden act of the people. We are to use the idea of implied powers - power that is given to us through the Constitution - to build-up America. Federalists admire Britain for its stability and did not trust France because of violent changes in the French Revolution. Federalists are Capitalists who believe in a strong federal goverment . Federalists are nationalists who support big goverment that affects everyone. Hamilton is considered the father of capitalism. Federalists believed that only white, educated men who owned property and had the peoples's rights in mind could participate in the government. Hamilton and others thought uneducated folk be swayed to0 easily by agitators and couldn't be trusted as leaders in government.Federalists did not agree that each state should have it's own independent goverment. They supported a strong central government. Federalists wanted a loose interpretation of the constitution. They believed in a national banking system and wanted good trade relations to with other nations.

More Federalist Leaders/Supporters

1789- Appointed as U.S. Secretary of the Treasury1790-The Federalist Party is created1790- Proposed Plan for National Debt179o- To gain support to pay off Debt Hamilton agreed to place Capitol in South1790- Proposed a tarrif on imports 1795- Resigned as Secertary of the Treasury

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Lasting Impact

During his life, Alexander Hamiton served as part of the Cabinet for the President of the United States. He created the United State's First National Bank. Alexander also created a national tax system. Without Hamilton financial skills the United Staes would have gone into bankruptcy. We still use his systems today. So in honor of his contribution, he is pictured on our 10 dollar bills.


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Federalist- Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton's Views

Federalist Philiosophy Against Republican Philosphy

First National Bank created by Alexander Hamilton



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