[2015] Atkin Jessica (Watson Period 2): FEDERAL SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM

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[2015] Atkin Jessica (Watson Period 2): FEDERAL SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM

The federal government first became involved in school lunches in 1936. The goal was aimed at eliminating crop surpluses by distributing excess food and supplies to schools for meals for students who couldn't afford lunch.Although Congress began rationing supplies to support the war effort, federal grants offered subsidies to school lunch programs for the purchase of food and milk.Between the years 1941-1942 over six million kids were served lunch. Rising costs of food during the war forced cuts in the lunch program. In the later years of war, America started rationing food, which limited the amount of food available for school lunch programs. In 1943, Congress passed the Agricultural Act to re-establish school lunch programs. Not only did this program help feed the poor, but it also benefited the farmers too. It created a market for farming goods because their surpluses were used to feed the poor children. After the war, Senator Richard B. Russell helped pass the National Federal Lunch Act in 1946. This established a nationwide program.

Lasting Effects

1936 - FDR creates the Federal School Lunch Program.1946 - Senator Richard B. Russell gets Congress to pass the National Federal Lunch Act 1960's-Present Day- The Federal School Lunch Program revived in the 1960's. Even today, many reforms are constantly being made to improve school lunches. Federal aid also alllows kids to buy a reduced cost lunch.

Although FDR's Federal School Lunch Program doesn't exist today, there are many other programs that are similar to and have the same goals as Roosevelt's New Deal Program. The Food Research and Action center is a leading national organization that works towards making new policies to eradicate hunger and nutrition. The Healthy, Hunger Free Act of 2010 was created to help improve standards on school lunches. Many schools, all around the country are implemeting reduced breakfast at school too. Overall, FDR's program created a lasting impact and still has a big presence today. There are so many programs that have been created to imporve nutrition in lunches too. Michelle Obama has been really involved in kids eating healthy and school lunches.

National Federal Lunch Act

FDR established the beginnings of the Federeal School Lunch Program as a part of his New Deal. Richard B. Russell expanded FDR's ideas and created the National Federal Lunch Act which was a law that stated the governement had the obligation to provide children with low cost lunches.


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Above is a young, African American girl who is thanking God for her lunch that she gets to eat because of the Federeal School Lunch Program.

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"Over 31 million children receive meals each day through the National School Lunch Program and over 12 million participate in the National School Breakfast Program."-Physicians Committe for Responsible Medicine

Below are a bunch of young kids enjoying their lunches that the Federeal School Lunch Program provides.


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