Federal Reserve System Project

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Federal Reserve System Project

Ben S. BernankeJanet L. YellenElizabeth DukeDaniel TarulloSarah B. RaskinJeremy SteinJerome Powell

Federal Reserve System Project

Members of the Board

ADVISORY COUNCILS:The Federal Advisory CouncilThe Consumer Advisory CouncilThe Thrift Institutions Advisory Council

FEDERAL RESERVE DISTRICT MAP1. Boston2. New York3. Philadelphia4. Cleveland5. Richmond6. Atlanta7. Chicago8. St. Louis9. Minneapolis10. Kansas City11. Dallas12. San Francisco

William Dudley(New York)Jeffry Lacker(Richmond)Dennis Lockhart(Atlanta)Sandra Planalto(Cleveland)John Williams(San Francisco)and members of the board

Federal Open Market Committee

Responsibilities of the Board of Governors:1. Guide monetary policy action2. Analyze domestic and international economical and financial3. Lead committees that study current issues4. Supervisory control over financial service industry5. Administers consumer protector regulators

Structure of the Federal Reserve

Fiscal policy is ran by Congress and the president. Monetary policy is ran by the Federal Reserve. Fiscal polies goals is to stabilize prices in the country, and monetary policy goals are to promote full employment and to help the effects of inflation and recessions. They both use different tools to help influence the economy. Fiscal policy uses texes and spending to help them, and monetary policy uses dicount rates, reserve requirments and open market operations.

Monetary and Fiscal Policy


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