[2015] Ziobro Alexis (watson Period 8): Federal Emergency Relief Administration

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[2015] Ziobro Alexis (watson Period 8): Federal Emergency Relief Administration

~ https://content.lib.washington.edu/feraweb/essay.html~ http://web.mit.edu/21h.102/www/Primary%20source%20collections/The%20New%20Deal/Hopkins,%20Speech%20on%20federal%20relief.htm

Federal Emergency Relief Administration

Harry Hopkins --> the chief architect of the FERA program.(former president of and executive director of the New York State Temporary Emergency Relief Administration)--> shared his ideas about the program with the Frances Perkins, Roosevelt's secretary of labor, who later agreed to take the proposal to the president after being impressed by the plans

Goals of FERA1) Adequacy of relief measures2) Providing work for employable people on the relief rolls3) Diversification of relief programs

Success during 30's & 40's~ Almost three-fourths of the heads of families on relief were employable after this program started running.~ FERA created the Emergency Relief Program-- this helped guide states through planning; public health, welfare and recreation; education, arts and research because they struggled with dealing with these work relief programs.

The Federal Emergency Relief Act, passed by Congress on May 12, 1933, was the first attempt to heal the country from the Great Depression. Direct aid was given to the states, in order to allow for people affected to get their lives started again. Most of the money distributed ($3.1 billion total) helped pay for work completed, cash outlays, food and clothes.

What Happened to FERA?~ In 1935, it was replaced by the Works Progress Administration, which put people straight onto the federal payrolls instead of paying the states to employ them. People were given jobs with specific assignments, which included construction or repair of over 650,000 miles of roads, 124,000 bridges, 125,000 public buildings, and 8200 parks.~ However, the FERA was an efficient short term answer to help support families out of work enough for them to be able to keep food on the table.

Summary of the FERA:

Political Cartoon depicting the "New Deal Pump" that distributes money to state and federal programs.

Construction of a masonry wall. Many of the jobs created were construction jobs for unskilled workers.

"A lot of people say that the people are getting too much, that the wages are too high. The average relief to the whole crowd has only been $27.00 per month. Today in the WPA $50.00 per month is the average wage. Try and live on $50.00 per month. See how far it goes."~Harry Hopkins, "Address at WPA Luncheon"


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