[2015] Fishman Hannah (Watson Period 2): Federal Emergency Relief Administration

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[2015] Fishman Hannah (Watson Period 2): Federal Emergency Relief Administration


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FERA instituted programs like the CWA and then the Emergency Work Relief Program. Ultimately FERA was replaced by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1935.

Federal Emergency Relief Administration

FERA, founded in May of 19333, was part of the relief programs of the New Deal and was a way for Roosevelt to ease people's suffering by providing direct govenment help to he people

FERA, the first of the New Deal programs, provided state assistance for the unemployed and their families.

-To give money loans to states that needed to make relief programs, like food pantries or shelters-To give direct cash assistance to the poor

What was it?

Why was it needed?

Unemployment was at it's highest in 1932, which is why there was a huge need for government assistance and relief programs then!


Emergency shelters for the poor provided by FERA

Who created it?

FERA was very successful and helped 20 million Americans find jobs and implemented several shelters and relief to those who needed it so badly. It also granted $3 billion to states for relief programs!

President Herbert Hoover created the Emergency Relief Administration (ERA) in 1932. He finally gave in and started to provide relief to the people. When Roosevelt became president, he adopted and expanded the program, and renamed it the Federal Emergency Relief Administration.

The ultimate goal was to get those in poverty unskilled jobs so that they can support themselves. The program was only meant to be temporary relief.

The chief architect of this program was Harry Hopkins. He was the former president and executive director of the New York State Temporary Emergency Relief Administration.

Harry Hopkins

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This video summarizes the FERA and shows several pictures from this time period.

"Communities now find themselves in possession of improvements [resulting from the WPA] which even in 1929 they would have thought themselves presumptuous to dream of... " -Harry Hopkins, 1936


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