Federal Emergancy Relief Act

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Federal Emergancy Relief Act

FERA was created by FDR it was attempting to help recover from the Depression. It was passed on May 12, 1933. The starting fund was $500 million to help the needy and unemployed. FERA provided grants from the federal government to state governments for a variety of projects in fields such as agriculture, the arts, construction and education.

Three Goals(1) to be effective(2) to provide work for employable people on relief rolls(3) diverse of relief programs

Federal Emergency Relief Act (FERA)

Used it to give money loans to states that needed them for work relief programes.

FERA camps for unemployed woman

Distribution of clothing -->

School lunch programs in California

The woman are with the stack of matresses that they stuffed<--

The children represent that there were more than just one program. FDR was the "father" of the programs because he created them.

New School Roof Construction ^

Blacksmiths at work in a forge shop ->


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