Federal Courts

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Federal Courts

Types of Jurisdiction:1) exclusive jurisdiction: only a certain court is allowed to hear and decide a case2) concurrent jurisdiction: jurisdiction is shared3) appellate jurisdiction: the authority to hear a case that is appealed from a lower court4) original jurisdiction: the authority to hear the case for the first time

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The Judicial BranchLauren Whitenack

The Federal Court System

1) US District Courts: lowest level of federal courts where trials are held and lawsuits begin.2) US Court of Appeals: next level of federal court system, those who lose a trial in a district court can appeal to a court of appeals which reviews the fairness of the previous trial. These courts do not decide the winner of a case or if a convicted person is innocent or guilty. 3) US Supreme Court: the highest court of the US, responsible for judicial review (deciding if laws are constitutional) and hearing cases that are petitioned to be heard.


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