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Feb5 update

An Update from Mrs. Arnold

Good morning everyone!I wanted to start out and share how fitting this picture of clouds were to me this morning. Last night we had a tornado touch down about 15 miles from our house. It was a scary situation for our family but looking outside this morning, the clouds and the sun I see resemble this picture so that is why it was chosen.In math these past few weeks, we have had a ton of success and that is because many of you are working hard and calling with great questions. Please note that I am truly here for any math support. I enjoy getting to show you how to properly solve a problem or having you figure out a problem just by reading it back to me. So, please reach out and I will always return your messages so there is no need to call multiple times in a row.Spring is just around the corner and many of you want to be done with Math 1 by late April, early May. Please look at your pace and see if you need to adjust your speed to meet your goal. If you don't want summer school then now is the time to evaluate your pace and make a goal for yourself. Some of you will be taking FCAT, this is not a requirement for homeschoolers at FLVS. I will be sending through email a link to give you more information. If you are wanting to take the FCAT, please contact your Homeschool Liason through your county. Have a great math week!Mrs. Arnold


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