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Feathersby Jacqueline Woodson

A new long haired 'white' boy, Jesus Boy, attends Frannie's school. Segration is over in 1970 but Frannie's school is all black. Frannie with curiousity figures out who he is while her friend, Samantha, is convinced the boy is the real Jesus. At home, Frannie worries about her mother who is pregnant again after two miscarriages. Frannie also sticks up for her deaf brother who wants to be part of the world with sound.

Frannie MaribelJesus Boy MotherTrevor FatherSean Ms. Johnson Samantha RayRay

Price School in the 1970'sBeing Different, Spirituality, Friendship, Fear, Isolation, Language & Communication, Family, Race, Truth, Society & Class, The Home

Born~ February 12, 1963 in Columbus, Ohio Siblings~ Hope, Odella, and Roman. Children~ Jackson-Leroi (son) and Toshi (daughter)Animals~Toffee (dog) and Fred (cat)

Published 30 books ranging from children's picture books to chapter books about things important to her. She has won many awards including the Caldecott Medal, Newberry Honor, Coretta Scott King Award, and etc.



Jacqueline Woodson


-She writes with her notebook turned sideways-Her favorite season is fall-She shares her birthday w/ Abraham Lincoln & Judy Blume

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