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How Does Fear Affect the Victim?:Many people have fears, but how do they affect the victim. Fears affect the victim by a meathod called the fight or flight meathod. This can make us either fight the source of the fear, or flight, running away from the cause of the fear.


By: David Westerhaus

What is Fear?Fear is your brain's response to a potentually harmful situation. There are three types of fear, situational fear, animal fear, and blood/injury fear. Though you think you control your fear, it is an automatic response. Fear starts in the amygdala, it decodes a possible threat. Then the Thalamus sends the data to the sensory cortex. Then the sensory cortex sends the information to the hippocampus which converts the information to memories. Then the information is sent to the Hypothalamus, which activates the fight or flight method.

Does Fear have any Pros?Many times we think that fear is a bad thing, but is it really? While the answer may suprise you, the answer is no. Fear can be a good thing. Fear was created as a defence mechanism, it puts you into a panic mode so that you can save yourself by fighting, or running away (flight). Just think, if you didn't have fear and a tiger jumped up at you, you would be mauled to death. But with fear, you react and either run away or fight.

Hacking Your FearsFacing FearFear is the anticipation that something bad is going to happen, so how do you get rid of a fear? You can't get rid of some fears or when they come you could get hurt or killed because you don't respond. But if you want to get rid of a fear that isn't an issue, the way to get rid of that fear is to face it.Hacking FearWith all the new technology that is being developed, there isn't as much need for fear, if a child is afraid of spiders and gets bitten, nothing bad will happen because of modern medicine. Also, we have found a way to want fear for fun. We can go watch a horrer movie and have fun because we know that there is no potential harm, so we have actually hacked our brain.

Fear Pill?Since many people have fear and can make them avoid situations and work, scientists are trying to make a drug that can stop this fear. The pill works by reducing anxiety. Librium, Valium, and Xanax are the drugs the scientists are making. This could put an end to fear, but could also destroy us because fear can make you react in times of distress.

New FearsNow thanks to new technology and the new world, we are alot faster. Now slowness has become a fear. If you are at work and are not working very fast, you become scared

The Secret of FearThe secret of fear is the unknown. The worst part of fear, isn't the bad thing, it is the anticipation of something bad happening.

Jason Silva FearApollo Robbins FearLarry Fessenden Fear

The Fight or Flight MethodWhen you come in contact with fear, your brain automatically makes a decidion. Can I fight this fear, or should I run away? This process is called the fight or flight method. The fight or flight method started with our early ancestors. When they were roaming in the wilderness and a tiger jumped out at them, they had to know if they could fight the tiger, which is fight. Or if they had to run away from the tiger, which is flight. That decidion was wired into our brains and now we are born with it. This is also why most people have fears of what was dangerous in ancient times and not so much today. In addition the fight or flight, there is an additional fear. Freeze, this is when you sit there frozen in fear.

Sounds of Fear:When you watch a scary movie, all the music is high pitched and rising in action. This is scary because it simulates the cries of our young. The threat of our young being hurt sends us into a panic.


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