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Lord of The Flies


To Kill a Mockingbird

In Maycomb they fear...

Not surviving. The group of boys land on the stranded island without adult supervision and Ralph is elected as leader. He starts a fire on top of a hill. One day, the fire is out and the plane passes by them. The boys start to lose hope for getting rescued and surviving.

The beast. The boy with a mark claims he saw the beast and warns the others about it. The boys starts to show fear. When a paratrooper is found on the island, the boys' imagination takes over.

The truth. There is a feast and the boys dance around the fire. They see an object coming towards them. Their imaginations take over making it look like a beast. Jack tells his hunters to take it down. After, they kill the "beast" they realize it is Simon. The day after, Ralph and Piggy feel guilty and don't want to admit the truth that they killed Simon and that the beast is inside them.

The Truth. The racist part of Maycomb don't want to believe that black people are human because they don't want to accept that people are all the same, regardless of skin colour.

Differences. Most people in Maycomb hate black people and they don`t want to view them as human beings. When Atticus Finch accepts black people, the racists in town are angry because they don`t understand.

Equality. The people of Maycomb fear of having equality with black people and they want to prevent this from happening. Bob Ewell accuses Tom Robinson of rape even though it is clear that Tom is innocent. The jury fears equality and they convict Tom.

On the island the boys fear...


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