FDR & The New Deal,(Assignment),American History

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FDR & The New Deal,(Assignment),American History

FDR RespondsFDR was a leader that took charge by making people feel as though he was fighting the drepression for them and along beside them. He gave people a sense as if they were not alone anymore. He introduced The New Deal at the Democratic National Convention in 1932. He believed that the depression was caused because of the neglect of consumers and workers by American businesses. Goals of The New DealThe main goals of the new deal was to help the poor and unemployed americans, help the economy by getting out of the depression and reform the financial system to prevent a depression from occuring again.FDR & The MediaFDR was so effective in using the media in his favor because he was able to unify the nation through his use of the media. If he could control the media, other people could not. This prevented other poeple from instilling fear in the nation. Instead FDR crafted speeches that calmed americans during the depression.


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President Franklin D. Roosevelt


New Deal Programs

1)Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC) - allowed individuals to keep their houses by refinancing mortgages of middle income home owners................................2)Agriculture Adjustment Administration (AAA)- Paid farmers to not grow certain crops in the hopes that lower production would increase prices.................................3)Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)- created to help with navigation and flooding issues through the Tennessee Valley, to help show others proper land use and promote reforestation, and help agricultural and industrial development...........................