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Favors Bio project: Ben Carson

Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr., also known as Ben Carson, was born on September 18, 1951 in Detroit, Michigan. He is the youngest son of Sonya and Robert Solomon Carson. Curtis Solomon Carson is Ben’s brother and two years older. Thanks to Sonya, Ben was “pushed” to read and believe in himself; even though Sonya was not fully educated. Starting as a poor student, Ben worked hard to become a successful honors student. He also earned the rank of senior commander in his school’s ROTC program. After high school, he received his Bachelor’s Degree in psychology, with his full scholarship to Yale. Carson then decided to become a neurosurgeon instead of a therapist. He attended the School of Medicine at the University of Michigan. He married Lacena “Candy” Rustin in 1975. With a newly earned medical degree and his new wife, the Carson’s moved to Baltimore, Maryland. From 1997, he began as an intern at John Hopkins University then gradually moved up to chief resident in neurosurgery. Ben and Candy eventually had kids: three boys named Rhoeyce, Ben Jr., and Murray. Beginning in 1990, Ben has written many books and appeared in the movie “Stuck on You”. Later, President George W. Bush awarded Benjamin with two honorable medals in February of 2000: one being Ford’s Theater Medal and the other being the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Today he is mostly known for politics and has retired from science; he is currently running for President as a Republican.

Benjamin Carson


With his mother being an African American, third grade drop out [in the 50's] it was clear his faimly life would not be the best; adding to the struggle his parents split, leaving Sonya a single mother.Not only was Ben raised by a single mother but they were also poor and for a while he had to stay with his aunt. Most people would assume Ben would never have a bright future. Besides his financial problems, Ben has overcome his issues with anger management. His temper used to be so short he would begin to get physically violent. Ben's actions once went too far for him to handle and he locked himself in the bathroom with a Bible and prayed. This occurance led him to the realization that he often put blame on himself for current events.

In 1983, Carson had an exciting opportunity to fill a neurosugeron position in Perth, Australia. This was a life changing decision for him. By agreeing to fill this position, Carson accumulated much knowledge and experience during the year he was in Australia. A couple of years after returning back to the U.S., Carson was assigned the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at John Hopkins. At 33, he was the youngest person to hold that position at that time. In 1987, Carson was the first to successfully separated infant twin boys who were join at the back of their heads in Germany, although both boys had some brain damage. After that, he performed two other pediatriac separation surgeries and one adult surgery. The first pediatric surgury, in 1994, involved the Makwaeba girls in South Africa,which was unsuccessful. Sadly both girls died. The other surgery was three years later in Zambia, South Africa. He and his team separated the Banda twins who, like the first set of twins, were joined at the head. This surgery was successful, with neither of the boys having brain damage. The biggest challenge was separating adu;lt conjoined twins in 2003. Carson was hesitant about doing the surgery on adults. After conversing with his team and the twins he agreed to go through with it. Unfortunatley, Ladan and Laleh died shortly after the separation. This outcome was devistating for Carson and his team.

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“Successful people don't have fewer problems. They have determined that nothing will stop them from going forward.”

By: Brie Mendel


Benjamin Carson has impacted our world by helping people with brain disfunctions and other unique issues with the brain. He is also the first doctor to separate twins who were conjoined at the head successfully. He performed these procedures across the world. Not only has he impacted our world with science but, also with his story. He is living proof that anything is possible. He grew up in poverty and overcame that, and many other obstacles, to become a successful doctor and influencial leader of the 21st century, who is now running for president of the Untited States. He and his wife created the Carson Scholar Fund, which gives scholarships to students and promotes reading in younger grades. He is an excellent role model for today's youth. He proveds that with hope and determination anyone can reach success.


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