Favoring of Any Religion by Government is Wrong

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Favoring of Any Religion by Government is Wrong

Louis Grumet

Justice Souter

SummaryThe New York legislature passed a school districting law that purposely drew it's boundaries along the lines of the Kiryas Joel Village. However, Grumet and a group of taxpayers took notice of their action and declared it to be unjust. Grumet also mentioned that the New York legislature was breakinf the First Amendment Establishment Clause which stated that they could neither aid nor help separate them. It also says that they could not favor one religion over another.

Favoring of Any Religion by Government is Wrong

Jewish Satmars

Justice Scalia

Court DecisionIn a decision of 6 votes to 3, the Supreme Court decided that the boundaries of the Kiryas Joel School District was a violation against the establishment clause.

Did the 1989 statute violate the First Amendment's Establishment Clause?

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