Favian´s Family Culture

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Favian´s Family Culture

Favian's Family Culture

In Romania they speak romanian wich is related as a language to french, italian, spanish. Romania is a country rich in history, arts and scenic beauty. It has many architectural treasures as castles, medival towns, painted monesteries and folkloric villages.

In this box, type about some of your family holidays and traditions. Make sure to include some specific facts and details. We celebrate Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In this box, tell us something about the cultural foods that are known. One is fried dough filled with potatoes and with feta cheese. They are called placinte. We also have the stuffed cabbage as the ones in the picture, sarmale.

My religon is Christainity and our religious symbol is the cross.

There once lived a king and everyone thought he was very mean so people made a movie about him and he was a vampire in the movie and that is how Dracula's castle got its name.


Holidays & Traditions


Romainia 101

In this box type where your family immigrated from, who first came to the United States and how they traveled here. This should be written in complete sentences! My family emigrated from Romania, wich is located in Eastern Europe. My parents came first and they traveled by plane.





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