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The River Seine at ChatouTugboat on the Seine Chatou is very similar or even the second piece continuing this artwork. In this piece of artwork, Vlaminck uses mostly cool colors while he brings a farm feeling into it. While the orchard is mainly a warm feeling yet he still brings in some cool colors. His technique gives all his paintings a unique feel, whether it is a happy, or sad feeling. The bold brushstrokes he uses on his paintings brings out his style.In this case, red, blue and white.

Maurice de Vlaminck- Born on April 4, 1876, Rue Pierre Lescot, Paris. Died on October 11, 1958. Both his parents where musicians, his father taught him violin while his mother taught him piano. In his late teens, he decided to be a painter. It was then on a train when he met Andre Derain, a turning point in his life in which they became long lasting friends. They rented a studio and began to paint there. Vlaminck never gave up his talent in music and made a living off violin lessons and musical bands. Fauvism was a short-lived style of art and the movement as such only last a few years, 1904-1908, but began around the nineteen hundreds. And Vlaminck can only blame Picasso for overtaking the idea of fauvism, and he, drew the peoples attention over to cubism.

The OrchardVlaminck- Expressing mood with color. Paris was a place where Vlaminck could express most of himself and where he painted most of his painting. With high and intense saturated colors, he shows the style of Fauvism in this piece of work. The thick texture of each brushstroke created this painting. The trees, the grass, the flowers.

FauvismWild Beasts

A style of art expressing your thoughts and imagination with meaning painted with unnatural colors.

The Green Stripe also known as Portrait of Madame Matisse.Henri Matisse and Andre Derain are leaders of the movement, Fauvism. This piece of artwork was by Henri Matisse and contains all the main elements of Fauvism. One side Bright yellow and the other reddish pink. And one green line down the middle. The background was split into three areas. Bright red, purple, and green. As you can see, the brushstrokes that were used made it look rushed, in a good way. But all this must of had a meaning.

Restaurant de la Machine a BougivalThe color and brushstrokes of this painting is similar to Vincent Van Gogh's paintings. Since Vlaminck was inspired by Van Gogh, post impressionism is also similar to fauvism. The color that he uses is more of the lightened, primary colors. The dynamic brushstrokes are thick and are ductile in the buildings and longer in the trees.


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