Fault in our stars

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Fault in our stars

Hazel Characterization is selfless, Funny, humbleAugustus (Gus) Waters CharacterizationFunny,Caring,Wise

Maybe are Okay Will be arealways

" You put the killing thing right between your teeth BUT you dont give it the power to do its killing

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ConflictCancer (Man vs Body)The most evident conflict is most defiantly cancer. Though it is the common bond that brings the two together, it is also the beast that is killing Hazel. Her cancer is her curse that made her lungs hardly work and forcing her to carry her burdens every where she goes in the form of a oxygen tank on wheels. It also conflicts with Gus and Hazel's relationship, limiting their time together. I would categorize it as Man vs. Body, because it is a factor within herself she has no control over, unlike Man vs. Self.

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Setting Indianapolis

Point Of ViewThis story is all Hazel's. It makes perfect sense that the story would be told from her first person perspective because she has such an internalized life. She really is in her own little worlds.

ProtagonistHazel Grace doesn't fit into the typical mold of a strong female protagonist à la Joan of Arc. She is constantly lugging around her medical supplies, she's always short of breath, and she has her hair cropped short (due to her pesky cancer).

GenreYoung Adult Literature

Resolutionafter Augustus Waters dies. At his funeral Peter Van Houten shows up. He finds Hazel and tries to apologize for how rude he was to her and Augustus. Peter reveals a secret that he has not told many about why he never really finished his book. He says that he had a daughter who also had cancer and died. The main character in the book resembled his daughter. Peter ends up telling Hazel what he would have wanted to happen if he finished the book.

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