Fault in Our Stars

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Fault in Our Stars

Author: John Green

The Fault in Our Stars



What you think about the Book?

The most important conflict in this book is the conflict Hazel faces with her cancer. Throughout the entire book, Hazel's condition is mentioned and regarded as the toughest thing she and her family have ever dealt with. It drains her physically, emotionally, and her family financially. Her condition weakens at one point in the novel and she pushes away her family and Augustus because she fears her death will hurt them more than she ever could. Though her cancer is never "cured," and she still believes that she is dying, at the end of the book she comes to terms with her illness and learns that she needs other people to help her and love her. That being said I believe that the conflict would be considered an internal conflict, Hazel v. her illness.

Hazel Lancaster is a teenager who suffers from thyroid cancer. After attending her support group, she meets Augustus Waters, a teenager who lost his leg due to his osteosarcoma diagnosis. Hazel and Augustus get to know each other and soon become friends. Once while visiting Augustus at his house, Hazel lends him her favorite book, An Imperial Affliction. The two bond over the book and Augustus tells Hazel that he has not used his "cancer wish," yet and tells her that they can go to Amsterdam to speak with the author of the book, Peter Van Houten, about the novel's abrupt ending. Shortly before they leave for Amsterdam, Hazel is taken to the hospital as her condition worsens, but is later cleared to leave by her doctor. As the pair make their way to Amsterdam Hazel starts to realize that she is in love with Gus, this is later affirmed when they go out on a date in a fancy resturant and he professes his love for Hazel. The pair meet Van Houten at his home later on during their trip and discover that he is not the man they thought he was. As the trip comes to a close, Augustus reveals that he is dying. He says that his cancer is back and that his scans, "lit up like a Christmas tree." Hazel is upset that he did not tell her sooner, but she stays by his side throughout everything and they spend his last remaining weeks together. During his last days, Gus requests that Hazel and their friend, Isaac "eulogize," him since he will not be alive to hear them. Hazel says that, that was his last "good day," and he died eight days later. Hazel is crushed and attends Gus' funeral, but uses a different eulogy. At the funeral, Hazel sees Peter Van Houten, who says that Gus had been corresponding with him in his last few weeks about the ending to his novel. Van Houten says that he did not write an ending and most likely would not write one. After the funeral, Isaac tells Hazel that Gus loved her more than anything and that he was lucky to have her. A few days later, Hazel get in contact with Van Houten's former assistant and recieves the letter that Gus wrote to Van Houten about the ending of the book. Gus says that Hazel is the best thing that happened to him, and he does not regret loving her. He says that he feels that we don't get the chance to avoid being hurt in our lives, but we do have some say in who hurts us. He says that he is happy with his choice (Hazel) and that she hopes she likes hers too. Hazel then replies, "I do."

Honestly, I loved this book. I have read other book by this author before and I loved them as well. This book was funny, but very sad too. I think that even though the characters in this book were cancer patients, the author still made them relatable enough to connect with all types of audiences. The book was also made into a movie. I thought the movie was great, but in my eperience, the book is always better.


Genre: Young Adult

The protagonist and narrarator of the book is Hazel Lancaster, a sixteen-year-old thyroid cancer patient. She has had cancer since she was a child. After she is diagnosed with depression, her mother urges her to attend a support group where she meets Augustus. Hazel is very smart, but she mentions in the book that she was homeschooled some time after she was diagnosed with cancer,She graduated early and attends a community college in her hometown. Hazel is described as having short hair, "like Natalie Portman in 'V for Vendetta.'" She carts around an oxygen tank with her at all times because she only has one lung due to her thyroid cancer. Augustus often says that Hazel is beautiful, in looks. Hazel is very wise for her age. She is very self-concious about her deteriorating health and the affect that it will have on those that she loves. She often refers to herself as a "grenade." Hazel is an analytical, deep thinker who doesnt have the most positive outlook on life. That is until she falls in love with Augustus. One problem that Hazel is faced with is the death of Augustus. After seeing her health and outlook on life improve, it is heartbreaking to see her fall back into her old broken self again. However, Hazel reads Augustus' final words to her and bows to remember him always, thus making her feel like who she used to be when he was still alive.


The setting of The Fault in Our Stars is in Indianapolis, Indiana. Specifically, Hazel and Augustus' houses respectively as well as "the heart of Jesus," which is located within a church for a cancer survivor support group that both Hazel and Augustus attend. There is also a portion in the book when the two go to Amsterdam for a short period of time. The setting of the book is modern day, perhaps the year it was published. (2012) I think that the setting of the story is unique because the characters visit Amsterdam to meet the author of their favorite book and not many books take place in Indianapolis.

I think that one of the most important things that this book teaches is that love triumphs over tragedy and loss. There are many instances of this happening within the book. For example, when Augustus dies, Hazel realizes that his memory and the love she has for him can live on for as long as she does and that makes her feel better. Also, when Hazel and Augutus' friend, Issac has a surgery that leaves him blind, he is devastated when his girlfriend leaves him. However, Hazel and Augustus cheer him up and make him feel better because they love him. This theme has taught me that no matter what I am going through that love prevails. Through hard times and loss. nothing is more powerful than the love other give you and that you feel for them.

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