Fault In Our Stars

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Fault In Our Stars

Chapters1-4I'm Hazel Grace and I have cancer, Thyriod to be exact. I'm sort of depressed so my mother decided to take me to a Support Group. During thesession, a boy named Issac keptstaring at me the whole time.I started communitcating with him through sighs. I went there the next day and there was a new boy, Augustus Waters, and I think he's cute. After the session I talked with him outside before my mother picked me up. But then I decided to go to Augustus' home. I meet his parents and watched a movie. Before I left, Gus handed me The Price of Dawn to read. The next day was my half birthday so I went to the mall with my friend, Kaitlyn. Afterwards I went to Augustus' house but then I was informed that Isaac got dumped by his girlfriend, Monica. He releases some stress by smashing Gus' trophys. Gus didnt care. I gave Gus An Imperial Afflicition before I went home.

The Fault In OurStarsBy: John Green

Chapters5-12A few days later, I asked him what he thought. He loved it so he contacted the author, Peter Van Houten, through his assistant. They replied. Gus gave me the email address so I wrote an email asking questions about the characters in the book. I called Gus and we made up our own promise word, Okay. Unfortunatly, Issac had to turn blind to see if still had cancer. Issac was clean. So I went to meet Issac. After that, Peter replied. He didnt answer the questions but he said if I ever went to Amsterdam, I could get answers there face to face so I can't leak the answers online. Since Gus and I have cancer, we got wishes from the Genie Foundation. I used mine but Gus didn't so we went to Amsterdam. Until then, I looked up Gus' ex and found out a lot about her and Gus. Gus emails Peter and tells him we're going. The day before we left, I went to Issac's and played a video game for blind people. You speak an action and it tells you the results. Next day we packed our things and went to the airport. Gus never flew on a plane before but he enjoyed it. We ate at a resturant named Oranjee and Peter paid for it. I got Gus to talk about his ex, she had cancer too, in the brain. She worse and worse until she died. Next day, we went to go meet Peter Van Houten. We went to his home and found out he's a low life drunk that is very rude. He kept insulting us. His assistant couldn't take it so she resigned. Lidewij, the assistant, took us to Anne Frank's House. I never got the answers to my questions.

Chapters13-25It is our last day in Amsterdam, and Gus reveals to me that he has cancer again, it's a lot worse then before. He started palliative chemotherapy, a cure for cancer or a "bandage" of sorts, but had to give it up for Amsterdam. He didn't regret his decision. We get back home and Gus takes Issac to go egg Monica's car. After that event, I kept going to Gus' house for a while. He started to get worse due to the cancer. He peed the bed and threw up everywhere. He tried to go to the convenient store to get a pack of cigarettes but his G-Tube got messed up so I had to go to him and call the police. Gus has to use a wheelchair now cause his muscles are getting weaker. Gus told us to go to the location of the Support Group. Issac also came. Gus wanted us to read our eulogies for his funeral. Its was like a prefuneral. Unfortunately he died 8 days after that day. My family and I went to his funeral and Peter Van Houten was there. He gave a B.S answer to my question, What happened to the protagonist's mother in An Imperial Afflicition? Afterwards, I find out Gus sent Peter a leter and he talked about how he was lucky to have me. And I do like my choices Gus, I do.


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