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Your insight into emotions in music is absolutely right! Music compliments moods or sometimes changes them!

Fast Fire

I think that your artwork looks fantastic. You obviously spent alot of time on it. I would have liked to have had a comment about it to share with everyone. Did you use water colours?

The details that you included about weather and climate show research. You make some interesting observations around the world detailing effects of climate change.

You provided alot of specific information about atmospheric gases, using all of the scientific terms. I think you would benefit more by putting it into your own words in a way that you will understand.Great research!

In the experiment section you provided three experiments and included the procedures needed to complete them. I found the heading a little difficult to read.Did you try any of them?

Weather Homework

Fastfire, you have done a great job on your first homework assignment. Keep it up! Mrs Scully


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