Fast Jazz

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Fast Jazz


Fast Jazz

Krasimira Panayotova

Section 1

Section 4Emotions- happiness, joy, no place for sadness to exist in this dance.The theme is having fun. It is a cheerful song and the dance is quite fast and includes quick movements. Also the meoldy and lyrics are cheerful; "a little party never killed nobody" is about taking it easy and not taking life too seriously. It's okay to have fun once in a while!Our audience should feel happy and pumped while watching us perform our dance.The goal is to make the audience appreciate jazz and the different variations of it; in our case fast jazz. Our facial expressions during the dance will be smiles.The compositional form is an ABC pattern because there is no particular order in it; we use many different formations because our song is very upbeat and cheerful so there is no time for repeats.

Section 3 For our costume we decided that each one of us will wear a circle skirt and bright red shirt or tank top. We also decided to wear shorts underneath the skirt. We wanted to make it jazzy but keep it classy with nothing too striking. We thought that red is the perfect colour for jazz because it stands out like our dance. The black skirt adds a classy touch as well as it compliments the shirt.The only issue with this choice is the fact we have to quickly change back into our black leggings for our modern dance. We had to consider that we quickly have to change in and out of the skirt before our other dances.

Our SongA Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got) - Fergie ft. Q-Tip, GoonRock

Final Product

A little Party never killed nobody, and we gonna dance until we drop!

Section 2

Music Video(Inspiration)


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