Fast Jazz Dance

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Fast Jazz Dance

For our movement choices and choreography, our group collaboratively worked together and communicated our ideas together as a group. We agreed to choreograph according to every dancer's ability and tried to chose movements that was appropriate for the song. In regards to choreography, we were inspired by Fergie's music video, as well as jazz combinations and routines from the song. As a group, many interpersonal skills were used effectively including verbal and visual communication for ideas, collaboration, and effective decision making.

For our group fast jazz song, we collectively chose "A Little Party" by Fergie as our song. We chose this particular song becasue it is upbeat and very energetic. We agreed on this piece because it is an uplifting song and correspondingly connects well with our choreography. We also chose this song because it is fast and can be relatable to the audience.

Fast Jazz Dance

For our costumes, we decided to go with a bright red shirt and a black skirt. We chose this particualr arragement because the bright red made us stand out on stage and was fun and appealing to dance in. Also, the costume gave us agility to move, in regards to turns, jumps, and kicks. The costume also fit the theme of a sassy jazz and created a fun and enjoyable appeal for the audience to watch

For this dance, our emotional investment was to create an upbeat and happy dance that is enjoyable for the audience. The theme of our dance was flappers in a fast jazz style. Our compositional form we have chosen to represent was ABC because the choreography is not repetitive. Also, our personal goal is to make our dance very upbeat and cheery. We also wanted to convey a happy and energetic expression when danicng our fast jazz dance.

Dance Video

A Little Party- Fergie


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