Fashion Over the Years

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Fashion Over the Years

Fashion Over the Years

By: Danielle Salazar






!Flower Power!The mini-skirt was introduced, and the women liked that. America ended up calling this the Hippie movement. This movement introduced the Bell Bottom Jeans and Tie-Dye Shirts.

!Color!Colorful clothes were great in this time. Most women and girls liked to wear colorful clothes. Mostly crop tops and colorful bottoms. Sometimes pants but mostly skirts and shorts

!Disco!In this time frilly pants and T-shirts were very fashionable. Dresses were also very fashionable but mostly pants because if you were to dance in skirts your skirt would go up

!Dresses!Christian Dior rebelled and crreated a extravagant design of a fitted jacket and a cinched waist and a calf length skirt. This style came extremely popular because women and girl teens wanted to look femenine. Teens became a in the fashion industry and that caused Christian to get a load of money.

!Disco!Tight pants and leg warmers were great to wear during this time. Sweaters and converse were good too. Bangles and BIg bows in your hair for you apperance. The leggings were mostly pink or green and the bow, bangles and sweater would match


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