Fashion on the 1970s

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Fashion on the 1970s

1973s, designer Diane Von Fustenbery popularized the versatile jersey wrap dress. John T.Malloy set the standars of correct office attire for both sexes in his dress for success book.The profesional look included classic suits for both male and female.

The youth explosion and more fashion craze of the early 1960s, were followed quikly by the hippy look on the late 1960s, the antifashion on the early 1970s,and the punk and disco styles 1970s, by the late 1970s people throughout the weest seemed content to wear regular clothes once more.

What iconic fashion came out of this decade?

Fashion in the 1970s

The 1970s introduced us to men's leisure,bold neckties,double knit jacket, and pants flared at bottoms.polyester went to extreme in the leisure suit, a two piece suit for men.the suits consisted of slacks and a jacket a large collar and top stitching.The t shirt became popular for both men and women. white was abandoned in flavor of bright color with slogans printed on the front.

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MusicGlam rock pioneer David Bowie in the early 1970s during the Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders Tour.Pink Floyd, 1973.Willie Nelson became one of the most popular country music artists during the 1970s. The Ramones and Blondie were some of the earliest American Punk rock acts to make it big in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Punk music has also been heavily associated with a certain punk fashion and absurdist humour which exemplified a genuine suspicion of mainstream culture and values.

Women of the early 1970s wore hot pants, a collaboration of mini skirts and the paintsuit.Jeans were still popular, but the new hip hugger style with the haitstband on the hip bone was becoming more popular. the 1970s accessories included the chunky platform shoes.the hot pants were the last breath of outlandish look of the 1960s.

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What major events shaped the decade?what was going on at the time?


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