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Fashion Designer

To be a fashion designer is alot of work but it can also be fun. Fashion designers have to keep up with the latest trends in fashion. The career of a fashion designer has to keep an open mind to many styles. Fashion Designers have to create fashion styles that everyone likes. A few things a fashion designer does is create a portfolio, decide a theme for their collection, create prototype designs, use computers, and have a team of fashion designers. Fashion designers also have to create accessories, market designs, have fashion shows, and predict future possible trends. Not everyone can be a fashion designer mostly because of required skills like creative flair, an eye for detail, good hand-eye coordination, good communation skills, and ability to work on pressure.

The benefits of a fashion designer may vary becasue of their employer. Designers often chose their salaries and benefits and negotiate with their employer. Some provide vacation and health insurance but others may have to provide their own. The pay of a fashion designer is possibly around $50,000 to $130,000. The highest paying states for fashion designers are possibly New York and Maine.

Career Responsibilities

Fashion Designer

A few facts about fashion is that back in ancient Rome emperors could only wear purple as a sign of their ranking. Back then eyeliner didn't become popular until after its disovery in King Tutankhamun in the 1920's. Another fact is that in ancient China women use to bind their feet to make them small because this was a sign of beauty but often times they became so deormed it was difficult for them to walk. Another strange fact about fashion is that in other parts of the world (besides the U.S.A) men wear skirts and dresses as mush as women here do.


The reason why I chose fashion designing is becasue love to be creative and artistic. Another reason why I chose fashion as my career is because you need to be open minded, bold, energetic, and hard working. Others should chose this career if they know the ins and outs of fashion trends, good with tech, can work in a team, and have creativity. They should also have at least one type of degree in fashion and can create very creative themes for fashion items.


Why I chose it

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The type of education you most likely need is a foundation degree or an Associate/Bachlors degree. A foundation degree is about two years long and is equal to a two/thirds of a honor degree. Associates degree is 2 years but if you want to ensure your becoming of a fashion designer then a bachlors degree is better because it is 4 years long. One fashion school is The Fashion Institute of Technology or FIT which offers A.A.S, B.F.A, or B.S degrees in Manhattan, New York. For requirements you need to take classes in sewing, tailoring, pattern making, computer science, art, history of fashion, and/or family & consumer science. To get started on the path of fashion designing is to become an assistant or intern for a fashion designer to learn the ropes of being a fashion designer. A few levels within this career is that you first create your own fashion line, host your own fashion show for agents, and get your fashion produce in stores.




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