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Fashion Designer

Cost (Yearly)One year of tuition at the FIT college, will be a total of $22,212. This includes $5,200 for tuition and fees, $13,162 for room and board, $1,750 for required books and supplies, and finally $2,100 for other personal expenses.

Education/TrainingTo become a successful fashion designer I will need to complete two to four years of college, meaning that I will need my Associates, and/or Bachelor's degree. I will also need to pursue a major in Fashion Design.

Knowledge & ExperienceWhile I am on my way to becoming a fashion designer, I will need to retain experience in retail, and marketing. Furthermore, I can get an internship with the company of a famous designer (ex. Michael Kors).

Work ActivitesEvery day in my future career of being a fashion designer I will be in charge of creating my own designs, promoting my business, and organizing events.

AdmissionsTo gain entrance of the college of my choice, I will need to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or greater, submit a phenomenal application essay, and show an exemplarary gift of my talent, and ability.

School Information To acheive my dream of becoming a fashion designer, I need to attend the Fashion Institute Of Technology (FIT). The location of my school is in Manhattan, NY. To add, this is a public, medium-sized college.

Work SkillsIn my future line of work I will be required to be a great communicator, problem-solver, organizer, and a creative thinker. I willl also need to have a proficient understanding of skills such as math, science, and most importantly social.

Fashion DesignerBy: Kyren Langston AVID- Per.2

Financial Aid InformationThe average financial package a student recieves on the first year is $10,670. They also take in consideration of your major, and financial background.

Academic ProgramsThe majors I am interested in that my college offers is the fashion and design major, as well as modeling,illustration, and art management.

Salary: Size & GrowthThe career of Fashion Designer, is expected to decline slowly or moderately. To add, the annual salary will be from $89,270-$127,190.


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