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Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer

The typical day of a fashion designer is sketching designs and creating your own clothing. There would be much interaction with people from outside my company and people who are upset. I would work inside a lot and in small spaces. There would be much traveling to different countries and being responsible for my work. The median wage is $63,760 per year. The job outlook is very small, 10.9% in this occupation.

Typical Day, Median Salary, & Job Outlook

The first step I need to take in order to become a fashion designer is become very good at art and be able to sew. With these skills I will be able to make clothes and make them stylish. The second step in becoming a fashion designer is having a highschool diploma and a associate degree in fashion design.

Action Steps

Skills Needed

1. To become fashion designer I will need to master some important skills. One skill is communication. I will need to talk to people clearly about color schemes and ideas for fashion.

2. I will also need to know what clothes I make look good on which age group. I need to know if the clothing will be made for little kids, teenagers, or adults.

3. An important skill is organization. I will have to put together my own schedule and plan which places I will travel.

4. A significant skill is being able to change the clothing, even if its not what I wanted. I might have to change some things based on how others react.

5. A very crucial skill needed in the fashion business is new and creative ideas. People always enjoy unusual clothing styles.

Kate Spade is the person I chose for my career spotlight for many reasons. She is very well known because of her success. She started her business of handbags in 1993. Since then her company has grown to bags, shoes, and clothes. She was born December 24, 1962 in Kansas City, Missouri. Kate worked for a magazine company several years before her own company took off. After working for a very long time in the business, she and her husband welcomed a baby into their family in 2005. Kate Spade still sells many items to this day!

Career Spotlight

Lululemon is a very succesful company that sells athletic clothes. The clothes sold are comfotable, fun, and stylish. The first stored opened in November, 2000. It started out as a place for training and teaching people about health, but that didn't work. The owner narrowed it down to just selling clothes. The business was so popular Lululemon had to become a franchise. Since then the store has grown to 302 stores. The reason the store is doing so well is because of the style and comfort of the clothing. The headbands are very soft and have a grip that will keep it in your hair. Though they are expensive, they are very good quality. You will not regret any of your purchases!

Company Brief

I believe that I would make a good fashion designer because of three major reasons. One is that I really enjoy art. Fashion designing is drawing a lot of your own designs and models. The second reason I would make a good fashion designer is because I'm good at being organized. For example, my room is clean and I am good at keeping track of my homework. The last reason I would be good at fashion designing is because I am enjoy working with others. In designing I will have to ask for others opinions or work on a project with someone. In class I am good at working with others and having patience.

Personal Reflection


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