Fashion Changes since 1960

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Fashion Changes since 1960

The Changes in Fashion

Here are the changes in fashion since 1960 to 2014.

Time Line


The Flower Power Years

Left the dresses and started going for skirts, pants, and caprise. In this decade they had alot of floral prints.

People began to wear alot of thing made out of denim and other unquie fabrics. Men often wore baggy pants and jackets.

Wear short shorts with tights and baggy shirts. Leaning less towards all vibrant colors to only a few key pieces. For example white shirt, black pants, neon green shoe and scarf. Also floral came back!

The decade were every girl wore short shorts and began to wear loose dresses with vibrant colors.

The women continued to wear floral print and began to wear tights with skirts and began to wear more plaid.

Women started to lean towards slim dresses and some started to wear pants!


The Baby Boomer Years


The Generation X



The Millennials/Generation Y

The Denim Age



The Homeland Generation

The New Silent Generation

Don't forget to be proper! This is the decade where they started to lean away from puffy dresses and more towards slim dresses.

This music video shows the fashion in 2014!

This music video is what the 80's fashion looked like!

5 Fun Facts:1. The average american owns 7 pairs of jeans2.Women could not wear shorts until after WWII3. Mens shirts button on the right and womens on the left4.Eyeliner became popular after its discovery in King Tuts tomb in the 1920's.5. A sneakerhead is someone who collects shoes.


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