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Fashion Article

Fashion Frenzy of The 20s

MondayAugust 25th, 1925

Written by Jena Issa and Nardeen Al-Kass Yusif

In world war I, the men left the women with all the power that changed their lives and was shown in their fashion, which made this fashion frenzy. An interview was made last week with people, who represented the fashion of these days, from East Egg and West Egg. These people were The Buchanans, Mrs. Wilson, and Jay Gatsby. The main guest of the interview was Nick Carraway, from the bond Business of New York. Nick Carraway met each and every one of those highly fashioned people mentioned above. The Buchanans were of the wealthiest families in East Egg. Nick mentioned that Daisy usually wears a long white dress that rises and falls with the wind. He thought it was very cool and it would look even more amazing with a silver purse.

These are some pictures of Daisy Buchanan wearing her amazing fashionable dress. They were taken at her house by one of her maids.

Tom Buchanan, Daisy's husband, also seemed to be as fashionable as his wife. Nick said, “Not even his beauty made riding clothes could hide his body’s enormous power.". Apart from Tom's body powers and physical shape, Nick really admired the riding clothes that he wore the last time he met with Nick. Nick used the word "beauty" to describe the clothes, and indeed they were beautiful. Some professional fashion designers suggested Rick Grimes Cowboy Boots because they fit the riding clothes perfectly.

This Picture was taken of Tom Buchanan after a full day of riding his new horse.

West Egg, as known, is very different from East Egg. However, Women of West Egg had the same change with a frenzy of dresses and small tight hats. Nick Carraway have also met with Mrs. Wilson from West Egg and liked how her dress looked like. Even in afternoon parties, she used to look special because of her wonderful dresses; she gets compliments on it.

Since Mrs. Wilson's fashion started to spread, some models of the season decided to introduce us to these other products that would look great together, including Mrs. Wilson dress.

Last but not least, Nick talked about the famous Jay Gatsby and his high-quality suits that were noticeable from everybody who knew him. Nick said, "When I first saw him, I was looking at a fashionably dressed young man who was wearing a really nice black suit which showed his pride." Everyone who went to Jay Gatsby's parties was impressed by his awesome outfit. Jay Gatsby's outfit was representing his life and his money and that is why we are giving you the chance to be like him.

These are some of the pictures that show the impressive outfit of Jay Gatsby. These pictures were taken in some of his parties.

Did you know that Nick Carraway is the cousin of Daisy Buchanan and the friend of Tom Buchanan from a long time? It's also very important to know that Nick Carraway knew Mrs. Wilson because of Tom Buchanan. And lastly, How did Nick Carraway meet with Jay Gatsby? Jay Gatsby lives next door to Nick Carraway, and they started knowing each other when Jay Gatsby invited Nick to one of his parties, for an unknown reason.

What is next? Predictions were made that as time passes by, this fashion will continue to grow and spread over all of New York. Also, the people will start to wear more of this fashion since it started spreading very quickly. Accessories will also start to spread and people will start wearing accessories that are more suitable for their clothes.


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