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I chose to learn about farting because I have always wondered everytime I fart, "Huh, where did that come from?" And now I'm going to figure out why we fart, why do we think our farts smell better than other peoples, and why do they stink?

Farting can be caused by two things: 1. Food breaking down in your digestive system. 2. Swallowing air.

Farts smell because they contain horrible smelling sulphur gas from your food which it most likely contains. But when you are eating, drinking, or just taking in a ddep breath, your farts don't stink because all it is, is air.

Why do Farts Smell?

Why do we Fart?

FartingBy: Ethan Houseaka Kevin

When we digest food, gases within the food are separated, forcing farts to slip out.

Food Breaking Down

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ConclusionIn conclusion, I chose to learn about once again why farts smell, why do we think our farts smell better than other peoples, and why do we fart?The most interesting thing I learned is that it isn't necessarily that persons fault when we fart. So the next time you get mad at someone for farting, remeber, it wasn't there fault and you do it to. :)


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