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Farming is actually alot more than just driving tractors it's planting crops and knowing your acers and yeild. You have to be very smart to be a farmer.

Fast Facts - ...To be a Farmer you you have to be really good at math. Their average pay per year is about 20000 dollars. - ... You also have to be very good at science. And you also have to be able to put up with sitting in a vehicle all day.


The Case IH Magnum 380

This is a Kinze corn planter

Some of the down falls of being a farmer is you work long hours driving in a vehicle. It is also very dangerous.Some positive sides to farming is that it can pay very well and you are outdoors if you enjoy that.

Me cleaning my uncles New Holland 8730.

This is the Case IH 7120 combine with a bean head on it.

This is when my uncle recked his tractor when his brakes went out.


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