Farmer farmer

by vlloyd
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Farmer farmer

Farmer, Farmer - Please Don't Eat

Farmer, farmer, please don't eatFor you know, turkey's aren't sweet!Try pumpkin pie, chocolate cakeyummy desserts - we can make!

Farmer, farmer, please just waitI've got an idea that's really great!Instead of me, you ought to bakeSome cutout cookies for little Jake!

Farmer, farmer, please sit downLet's make a list to take to town!Cranberries, celery, carrots tooAre what turkeys like and so do you!

Farmer, farmer, please just pickAnother dish and make it quick!We've got to rumble, we've got to rollPeople to see, places to go!

Farmer, farmer, invite me pleaseTo be your guest on Thanksgiving EveWe'll have some fun and then createTurkey place cards beside each plate

Farmer, farmer, if you pleaseI'll even get down on my knees!Oh no! What's that I see?A sharpened axe? Oh my, oh me!

Farmer, farmer, I must goGotta run, can't be slow!Now for dinner, let me suggestMac and Cheese - it is the best!


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