Farm Security Administration

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Farm Security Administration

Farm SecurityAdmisitration

What They Built

The Farm Security Administration was origonally called the Resettlement Administratoin in 1935

Fact About the Farm Security Administration

Who and How Many it EmployedThe Farm Security Administration employed 16,386 people to work on rural rehabilitation, home management, lawyers, accountants, administrators, statisticians, doctors, nurses, soil engineers, home economists, teachers, sociologists, political scientists, economists, and specialists in farm management, sanitation, public health and preventive medicine.

What it didThe Farm Security Administration helped return people to rural areas, provides farm loans and keeps homestead programs up and running. It was not a relief agency but relied on trust between the states and country offices to determine who was allowed to get a loan. The goal was to help families to become self-sustaining. -


What it PaidThe Farm Security Administration originated more than 13,000 loans (put with section above, the who and how many it employed). The FSA’s budget was $2.5 billion for guaranteed loans and $743 million for direct loans.

A mother involved in the FSA program sits with her two sons.

Image of the Farm Security Administration

The Farm Security Administration was one of the highly photographed programs in the New Deal. Pictures of it graphicly show the poverty of men and their families durring the great depression. One of these pictures is shown below, do you reconize it, it's pretty famous!

Fact About the Farm Security Administration

What They Built

What They Built


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