Farm Experiment

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Farm Experiment


Our Question



Our Equipment


What did we do?

My Prediction

What I think will happen?

We believed that if we built a terrace, and made it rain on the land, then our crops would survive.

A stream cuts through a local farm on the same land that he grows crops. Over the last several years heavy rain has crooded the stream killing the crops. Develop a plan with a model that my group can test that this farmer could use to slow or stop the rapid rate of erosion and flooding.

While we were making it rain, the rain barely made any crops fall over. Also, the water succeed on getting to the river. The farmer built the terrace so his/her farm wouldn't flood. Lastly, our expirment worked on the first try.

First we built our terrace. Next we made it rain by pouring water out of a beaker. After that we took some pictures and took observations.


What happened & Why?


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