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Chas adventure

Author: Farhan

Setting: It started at a old place called Smelly Road Route 95. He then lost his way to the Rempit Champinship. Then he met some new friends at Ugly road route 39. The place was not known to all because thre is a short way to the next city

My character name is Chas. He is a red sport car. He has a dream of winning the Rempit Championship

Plot: Chas live in Smelly Road. He had compete against all the good racer all over the world. He had won several cahmpionship. He then wanted to fullfill his dream by winning the Rempit's Championship. Chas lost his way during his trip to the Rempit's Championship. He then found a place called Ugly road. He met new friend there. HIs friend then help him to find his way to the area where the Rempit's Championship is held. He then found out that he had no pit crew. He then was surprise when he found that his all friends were his pit crew.While he was racing, his car tyre burst. Lucky for him the yellow flag and safety car were in. He then make his way to the pit. His old friends changed the tyre for him and he out of the pit stop in time for the race. He then took tke advice of the 10 times winner of The Rempit Championship. He then managed to win the cup. After winning the cup, he was then able to sign a deal with the famous car team but he declined the offer and wanted to stay with all his friends. Now the route 39 is famous.



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